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For the first time in two years delivery prices for both sawlog and pulpwood have increased in Sweden, in comparison with the fourth quarter of 2020.

The sawlog price increased by 4.8 percent and pulpwood by 1.2 percent. But prices did not increase in all of Sweden, they still decreasing in the Northern region.

Sawlog prices turned upward during the last quarter of 2020 after having been decreasing since early 2019. The increase carried into the first quarter of 2021 in the Southern and Central regions, both increasing by 6.0 percent. But sawlog prices are still decreasing in the Northern region, by 2.3 percent, in comparison with the previous quarter.

During the first quarter of 2021, pulpwood prices increased for the first time in two years, by 1.2 percent. There are also regional differences, the prices increased in the Central region by 2.1 percent and by 1.0 percent in the Southern region, but again prices still decrease in the Northern region, by 3.3 percent.

Quarterly roadside prices of roundwood (SEK/m3)-converted in EUR
Sawlogs Pulpwood
Pine Spruce Pine Spruce
2020/Q1 478 (47.01 EUR) 501 (49.27 EUR) 317 (31,18 EUR) 320 (31.47 EUR)
2020/Q4 468 (46.33 EUR) 500 (49.50 EUR) 278 (27.52 EUR) 278 (27.34 EUR)
2021/Q1 492 (48.39 EUR) 522 (51.34 EUR) 285 (28.03 EUR) 279 (27.44 EUR)

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