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On the occasion of the last board meeting of the European Timber Trade Association (ETTF) on April 29th, 2021, the procurement situation on the European timber trade markets was discussed intensively.

All member associations of the ETTF represented on the board currently see a very tense procurement situation. On the other hand, there are generally very receptive markets in Europe.

ETTF observes with increasing concern that supply contracts are not always kept in terms of quantity and delivery time, but that there is a trend towards renegotiation.

ETTF expressly rejects renegotiating existing contracts and calls on suppliers and industry to adhere to contracts and delivery times. “We need reliable suppliers throughout Europe and a sustainable procurement and marketing policy in the supply chain,” said Secretary General Thomas Goebel.

ETTF is concerned that the existing or emerging supply bottlenecks could stall the good sales markets. That is why it is now all the more urgent to be able to rely on reliable suppliers. It is underlined that industry, trade and processors now have to rely on long-term and sustainable readiness to deliver so that the good sales markets do not stall and are maintained for the future.

ETTF has 15 European member associations and represents the European timber trade and timber import.

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