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Sweden’s Södra raises the price for timber, pulpwood, small timber and logs. At the same time, a thinning premium is also established for softwood and hardwood pulpwood.

There is currently a continued strong demand in the timber market, Södra says. The high production in the forest industry, in the current market situation, also benefits most of Södra’s products. Including normal timber of spruce and pine, pulpwood and small timber and logs. Södra will therefore raise timber prices from today as of 21 April.

The global economy remains uncertain due to the pandemic and long-term developments are therefore difficult to assess.

”It is an exciting development of the timber market. It is gratifying that demand for forest products continues to develop positively. In the short term, however, we will continue to be observant and focus on how spruce bark beetle attacks will develop during the spring and summer,” says Olof Hansson, business area manager for Södra Skog.

To support the work with thinning and care in Södra’s members’ forests, a thinning premium will also be established for softwood and hardwood pulpwood until 30 June.

The following price adjustments are applied from 21 April 2021:

  • Price of Normal timber of spruce and pine is increased by SEK 30 / m³fub
  • Prices of small timber and logs are increased by SEK 25 / m³fub
  • Softwood and hardwood pulpwood price is increased by SEK 25 / m³fub
  • Thinning premium on softwood and hardwood pulp with SEK 25 / m³fub up to and including 30 June

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