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The situation on the wood market in Romania is tense, with prices above average prices in Europe.

Thus, the class AB softwood logs is quoted in the market with prices over 100 euro / m3 on the roadside, with maximums reaching 120-140 euro / m3 in certain regions.

Beech sawmill class AB is quoted in the market at prices of 90 euro / m3, and for the selected logs or technical veneer the prices can exceed 100 euro / m3.

The domestic softwood lumber market has aligned with international market prices, with average prices in the range of 240-260 euro / m3.

Beyond the price problem, the companies complain of supply discontinuities on all market segments, both logs, timber but also chipboard, MDF, plywood.

In the furniture industry / other finished products, supply discontinuities and price increases are also reported for components other than wood: hardware, adhesives.

The most difficult situations are for producers of finished products, with long-term contracts and firm delivery times, for which it is difficult or impossible to transfer price increases to beneficiaries.

The tense situation on the Romanian wood market is also due to an artificially induced resource deficit by blocking the application of forest management through environmental assessment procedures, a blockage that affects the performance of logging in 10 -12% of Romania’s forests.

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