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The Russian Segezha Group has produced its first CLT panel measuring 3 by 6 meters at its new Sokol CLT plant. Thus, the first large-scale industrial production of large-format CLT panels in Russia has started.

“The release of the first CLT panel is an important and long-awaited event for the project participants, for the construction industry and for the downstream wood processing sector, ”says Dmitry Rudenko, Vice President of Segezha Group.

The panels produced by the new plant can be up to 16 meters long, 3.5 meters wide and 0.4 meters thick. The popularity of the new building material is growing rapidly worldwide, Segezha reported.

“We are launching the plant this year in difficult conditions, the pandemic has created a real barrier: foreign specialists could not come in full force to install the equipment, the work on launching complex devices had to be carried out from abroad remotely, however, the difficulties were overcome” , – adds Dmitry Rudenko. – “We have to bring the equipment to readiness to work fully in automatic mode by the end of the year. From January 2021 the plant will be put into commercial operation and will start serial production of products. “

The volume of investments in the new production is more than 3 billion rubles (EUR 33 million), the capacity of the future enterprise is 50 thousand cubic meters of finished products per year.

Sokol SiElTe LLC is located at the industrial site of the Sokol woodworking plant in the Vologda region. The line consists of several production areas: a dry lumber warehouse, an optimization line, a splice buffer, a CLT layer formation section, a press-bonded panel and a machining center.

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