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On May 21, the Arkhangelsk-based company Onega Sawmills – part of the Segezha Group – sent its first high-speed container train via Grodekovo to Ganzhou Guojigang.

Sixty-two forty-foot containers, carrying a total of 2,850 cubic meters of export lumber, were shipped to the Chinese customers. Haulage is organized by Swift-Rus Ltd. Once the containers reach the border, they will be loaded onto Chinese rail cars which will take them to their destination.

“The dispatch of the first container train to China by Onega Sawmills is an important step, which allows to switch part of the cargo traffic to direct railway communication and remove the corresponding cargo volumes from the traditional sea route through St. Petersburg”, comments Andrey Yudin, Director of Logistics of Segezha Group PJSC. “The container train to China consists of several batches of lumber for different customers at different destinations in China. This logistic scheme allows for more efficient and faster dispatch of the train from the plant. This type of transportation is also quite competitive in comparison with sea routе and can become regular”.

The transportation time will take 15–20 days, which is 4–5 times faster than by sea. The plant has further plans for the route, intending to ship two freight trains per month.

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