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For the Chinese timber import market, 2021 can be described as a crazy year. The prices of most wood species have shown a state of skyrocketing. This is quite rare in recent years, especially for prices of imported European spruce and New Zealand radiata pine logs, which have increased to a record high. 

Industry data shows that the current Chinese national softwood log inventory has fallen to 4.2 million cubic meters, and the daily sales of ports have increased from 70,000 cubic meters in March to 120,000 cubic meters at the beginning of April, and it has fallen to about 100,000 cubic meters throughout the month.

The number of logs from Europe remains at around 1 million cubic meters per month, which is below the peak level of 1.5 million cubic meters per month.

Price overview of China imports of European spruce logs:

Market Type Price in yuan/m3 Price converted in EUR/m3 Price increase yuan/EUR/m3 in April
Jiangsu Province European spruce logs 1,800 yuan/m3 EUR 203/m3 230 yuan/m3 (EUR 29/m3) 
Shandong Province European spruce logs 1770 yuan/m3 EUR 194/m3 260 yuan/m3 (EUR 33/m3) 
Chongqing European spruce logs 1,780 yuan/m3 EUR 213/m3 120 yuan/m3 (EUR 15/m3) 
Hebei/Tianjin European spruce logs 1750 yuan//m3 EUR 225/m3 280 yuan/m3 (EUR 36/m3) 
Jiangxi Province European spruce logs 1,860 yuan/m3 EUR 239/m3 280 yuan/m3 (EUR 36/m3) 
Fujian Province European spruce logs 1,830 yuan/m3 EUR 235/m3 270 yuan/m3 (EUR 35/m3) 
Guangdong Province European spruce logs 1880 yuan/m3 EUR 242/m3 290 yuan/m3 (EUR 37/m3) 
Guangxi Province European spruce logs 1830 yuan/m3 EUR 235/m3 280 yuan/m3 (EUR 36/m3) 
Hainan Province European spruce logs 1950 yuan/m3 EUR 251/m3 270 yuan/m3 (EUR 35/m3) 


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