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Although the temporary blockade of the Suez Canal last month interrupted global trade, the supply chain problems have become more serious. Next, construction products and materials are expected to have more shortages, longer delivery times and higher prices.

In a joint statement, the UK Construction Industry Leadership Council issued the following warnings to the industry:

“In the UK and globally, the demand for construction wood products is still high, and demand in all areas will continue throughout 2021. Unfortunately, this means that our current usability problems may worsen before they improve. Imported products such as wood, steel, roof tiles and bricks have been added to the list of existing products that are in short supply.

Before the Suez Canal was temporarily blocked, we found that the container cost and delivery time of these imported goods were slightly reduced. We expect that this situation will continue once the effects of the temporary closure continue.

In the foreseeable future, timber imports will be a problem. Timber production is not enough to meet world demand. In addition, other countries are also preparing to pay higher prices to ensure supply, which makes the UK’s ranking drop.

All users should plan for increased demand and longer delays, maintain open communication channels with suppliers, and order as soon as possible for future projects.”

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