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The German timber trade is concerned about the increasingly tense situation on the procurement markets. Wholesalers are increasingly confronted with long delivery times for the most important product ranges, and supplies to construction sites are gradually becoming scarce. If the situation worsens, a construction freeze on construction sites can no longer be ruled out.

“The many current reports from our member companies indicate a precarious development in terms of the supply of wood and wood products,” said The General Association of German Timber Trade (GD Holz) chairman Philip Zumsteg. A development that is emerging in parallel in the internal market in the entire European timber trade. Demand, on the other hand, is still good, sales development in the first quarter positive, also influenced by in some cases considerable price effects.

“We now have to be very careful not to interrupt the very good economy for wood and wood construction – and this is where the industry is primarily required to supply the domestic market with its products on a sustainable basis,” continues Zumsteg. “For years we had very successful sales marketing for our renewable raw material, now we have to deliver too”.

GD Holz assumes that wood imports will play an increasing role in supplying the domestic and the entire domestic market. Wood is a globally traded product; the economic upturn in Asia and the USA is currently creating an enormous demand for raw materials, including wood – a demand that is leading to the difficult supply situation in Germany.

GD Holz considers that it is well positioned in the import market with 120 import houses and contributes to the secure supply in Germany and the domestic market by importing a wide variety of timber assortments from all over the world.

“Of course, the local forest owner will continue to play a dominant role in the future of wood supply, but we have to think globally if we want to ensure the wood supply in the years to come”, says GD Holz Managing Director Thomas Goebel.

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