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The domestic demand for wood in Germany has increased overall due to increased exports. Added to this are the climate-related consequences of drought, storms and bark beetles in recent years, which also have an impact on logistics and production. 

“The timber construction offers enormous opportunities for climate protection. It is an important pillar in order to achieve the German and global climate protection goals by 2050. We have to do everything we can to ensure that this goal is not jeopardized by the current tense market situation with regard to the availability of wood, ”warns Peter Aicher, Chairman of Holzbau Deutschland, and is thus reacting to the current developments in the wood industry. Holzbau Deutschland represents the industry-specific interests of carpentry and timber construction companies in Germany and in Europe as a member of the umbrella organization Timber Construction Europe.

The oversupply of calamity wood cannot be processed quickly enough. Peter Aicher appeals to politicians in Germany to set up more wet wood storage facilities in order to be able to better deal with market fluctuations. These could relieve the wood market and improve the availability of wood as a raw material on the domestic market.

In view of the dynamic market situation, however, Aicher also calls for calm and prudence. “For us timber construction companies, it is currently difficult to plan and calculate orders in this situation. But despite the dynamic market situation, the wood supply is secured in the long term thanks to the sustainability principle. Nevertheless, we should order wood with a sense of proportion so as not to aggravate the market situation any further. ”He is in dialogue with all those involved in the value chain, Aicher continues, in order to ensure the domestic supply of construction timber.

Aicher emphasizes that at this point in time it is impossible to estimate how the market situation will develop. Addressing the wood value chain, he emphasizes that a lot has been achieved together in recent years and that the technical, political and economic framework conditions for wood construction have been further improved through continuous research and development. It is therefore essential and important right now that all those involved in the value chain remain in touch in order to ensure the necessary needs for the wood industry in the long term.

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