Global lumber markets benefit from rising prices

Lumber prices have increased worldwide in the second half of 2020 with US prices almost doubling Lumber Markets – Europe Lumber trade fell slightly in Europe in 2020. During the first eight months, shipments from the major exporting countries were down 1.2% – the first y-o-y decline in eight years. Countries

U.S. hardwood sector faces multiple issues

The biggest issue the hardwood industry faces is loss in domestic consumption. International hardwood export, Michael Snow, comments on key issues in China, Vietnam from tariffs and trade wars to changing consumption patterns. Assuming that Joe Biden is inaugurated as president in January 2021, what would a Biden presidency mean

N. American lumber pricing surge expected to persist in 2021

An unexpected rebound in wood product prices in December was boosting profits for Canadian forestry companies but leaving homeowners and buyers with the prospect of higher home and renovation costs in 2021. Prices for lumber and wood panels were up in December due to strong housing markets and limited capacity

Facing Chinese trade ban, Australia looks to India as a new market for its timber

With the embargo imposed by China on the importation of Australian logs still in effect, it is becoming a race against time to find a home for the thousands and thousands of logs that are sitting at the dock at Bunbury Port awaiting shipment. Australia has the processing capabilities to

North American Softwood Lumber Annual Price Cycle Explained

North America construction framing dimension softwood lumber and panel prices used in Canadian and US home building. Explanation of the seasonal cycle for softwood lumber buying as well as investment the sawmills need to make for their feedstock — log supply and inventory.

Madison’s Lumber Reporter: Softwood Lumber Price Data Explanation

North America construction framing dimension softwood lumber and panel prices used in Canadian and US home building. Explanation of the various products, including tables and graphs showing current prices against a historical perspective.

Madison’s Lumber Reporter: January 11, 2021 Softwood Lumber Prices Update Compared to the price one-year-ago, of US$402 mfbm, last week benchmark softwood lumber item Western S-P-F KD 2×4 #2&Btr was selling for US$944 mfbm which is +$542, or +135% more. Unstoppable demand over the Holiday Season pushed prices relentlessly higher, for the week ending January 8, 2021 benchmark softwood

N. America: Wood products pricing volatility likely to persist this year

Pandemic-related supply constraints likely in new year A year marked by high demand, supply constraints, and mercurial commodities pricing likely will lead to continued volatility for at least the first half of 2021, some wood products industry observers say. The pandemic has caused many people to engage in do-it-yourself home

European trade of wood chips up substantially as sawmills ramp up production

Softwood lumber production in Europe has increased steadily increased over the past five years. Consequently, additional volumes of sawmill by-products, including wood chips, shavings, and sawdust, have become available to other sectors in the forest industry. The added wood fiber supply has predominantly benefitted pulpmills, manufacturers of wood-based panels, and