US Housing Starts AUGUST & Softwood Lumber Prices SEPTEMBER: 2021

After falling by -7% in July, US total housing starts for August 2021 increased by +4% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.615 million. For August 2021, total residential starts in the US shot up by +12.3% from the same month one year ago, when it was 1.416

North America Softwood Lumber Production, Sawmill Capacity Utilization, WWPA: June 2021

Still improving significantly after massive drops last year, for year-to-date 2021 softwood lumber production volumes in the United States and Canada jumped yet again. Sawmill capacity utilization rates in the United States and in Canada also increased, yet again. For January to June 2021 softwood lumber production in the

Skyrocketing freight rates puts pressure on European timber import prices

The key topic when it comes to European imports from Asia remains freight rates. A 40ft container from Malaysia or Indonesia as late as last autumn cost US$1500 -$2000. By Q2 2021 importers were being quoted US$15,000- 20,000 and rates have stayed there. This is attributed mainly to the general

China: Port congestions impact log supply

Log stocks in China have not increased but there is a lot of volume on boats queuing at Chinese ports. Some industry observers estimate log stocks could be over 7m m3 including all the volume on the water. Congestion in China has reached the point where at the end of

Delivery times and prices on the Austrian timber market are back to normal

Wood in Austria has been in short supply in recent months and the prices are horrendous. According to the Austrian sawmill industry, things are now back to normal. The enormous increase in the prices of lumber has been a major topic of discussion, especially in the past few months. Impacted by

China extends hardwood tariff exemptions

According to the American Hardwood Export Council and the National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA), Chinese tariff exemptions that were set to expire on September 17 have been extended until April 16, 2022. The tariffs apply to hardwood logs and lumber products exported to China from the U.S. China implemented these tariffs

Declining availability of US hardwood in Europe

US hardwood supply to Europe in the last six to nine months was described by importers as turbulent. According to Judd Johnson, editor of the Hardwood Market Report, quoted in a recent article in the UK Timber Trades Journal, the American hardwood sector entered the pandemic in a ‘diminished state’.

Drax to start construction on second satellite wood pellet plant

Drax Group has started construction on the second of three satellite wood pellet plants in Arkansas. Work is underway at the site in Russellville, Pope County, north-western Arkansas, with commercial operations expected to begin at the plant in 2022. The move is part of a $40 million (€34 million) investment by Drax

Södra to expand its CLT business to Denmark

Södra has announced that its complete offering of CLT panels for frame assembly with complementary products and services will now be available in the Danish market starting in September. This is the first step of Södra’s plan to expand their CLT business into Europe. The business will be part of